Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lazy Loaf

Today I made Lazy Loaf from the Nigella Express Cookbook. 

This bread is the fastest yeast bread that I have ever made and true to it's name it is very easy.
Basically it's Muesli and whole wheat flour with yeast, salt, milk and water. If you don't know what muesli is, it's a popular Swiss breakfast cereal consisting of uncooked rolled oats, fruit and nuts.

The only Muesli I could find around here besides going to the health food store is the Kelloggs Muelix cereal.  Here's a link to the recipe for Nigella's Lazy Loaf.

We are having ours toasted in the morning with Peach jam. I got a tip from a friend on the Nigella food forum to cut the bread while slightly warm because it gets harder as it cools.

Check out that fabulous crust and all those plump raisins and dates.  Nothing like a good rustic bread made into toast with jam and coffee.

~Recipe Review~ This toast was rustic and earthy with a hint of sweetness that paired well with the peach jam. What a great healthy way to start our weekend!  If you want to check out this and other Nigella recipes click here.


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