Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pantry Out.......Big Truck Tacos

Okay..........If you live in the Oklahoma City area you HAVE to try Big Truck Tacos. I admit, I am a Big Truck Taco junkie. It is my favorite place lunch spot in town. It's trendy, cool and delicious!

It's located at 530 NW 23rd Street near the Paseo district. Jim, Bay and I love to eat out front at the picnic tables when the weather is nice.

My "usual" is the Okie-Baha. That is BBT code for Fish Tacos. They have a large piece of grilled tilapia with a crunchy jicama-cabbage slaw and a green onion garnish. I adore their "Asphalt" Salsa on them.

Along with the food the salsas ROCK! There are five different ones and everyone has a favorite or a favorite combo.

My favorite combo is Salsa Verde, Asphalt and OMG! What's yours?

See those shirts up there? I have a collection of them. People at work think something is wrong if I don't have on my BTT shirt. It's turned into a joke back in the shop.

BTT also has a lunch truck! Check them out on Facebook to see where they are today!

Everyone please go here and vote! BTT could be in the next "The Great Food Truck Race"!!! We are up to #2!!!! BTT could win $10,000 and you could win a trip to New York City Food and Wine Festival!

UPDATE 9/19/10:
Congrats to BTT!! They won!!! Way to go girls! YAY!!


  1. Love those tacos! Dennis is in the process of cooking Bourbon Chicken. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Awesome Lori! Next you need to get Dennis to make the Red Velvet Pancakes! You would love them! Hope you both enjoy the Bourbon Chicken!


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