Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roast Beef Sarnie with Crunchy Lettuce, English Mustard and Gherkins

This is my version of a Sandwich (or Sarnie as it's known in the UK) from Jamie Oliver's Jamie's Dinners cookbook. His version didn't call for cheese but............being that cheese is my favorite food group..........I couldn't make it without it!  For this sarnie you need a good fluffy bread with a crispy crust. I used a good quality Sourdough.

One of the most important ingredients is English mustard.* English mustard is quite hot almost like horseradish and mustard combined.

Next you need a fairly thick slice of roast beef, sliced gherkins and some crunchy romaine lettuce. Make sure to add plenty of freshly ground pepper and some kosher or sea salt for seasoning.

~Recipe Review~ Everyone really liked this sandwich! I would have never thought to slice up gherkins or try English mustard, both went great with the savory roast beef. I agree with Jamie when he says......."If your eyes don't water you need more mustard!".

Bay liked it so much she's going to be the only 5th grader with a gourmet sandwich at lunch tomorrow......

* Look for Coleman's English mustard right on the condiment isle of your local grocery store. Believe me, if we have it in Oklahoma you probably have it as well.


  1. Yumm, that sounds tasty and simple to make, we are always looking for simple, espeically on dance nights!

  2. Mika, are you aware of what has happened with the closure of the Nigella.com forums? I have started a blog and there is a FB page started byt another forummer, but most importunely I wanted to let you know that I have been working with some other forummers to set up a new forum for us all to move on to and should be ready very very soon. Please check out my latest post on Happy Valley Cook to find your way to us.

  3. Thanks Jutta! I will check it out!


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