Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cheese Steak Sandwiches

This recipe for Cheese Steak Sandwiches comes from Curtis Stone.

Bay and I met Curtis a couple of years ago when he was in Oklahoma City for a local event called Celebrity Chef for the St. Anthony Heart Hospital. At the time he was host of the TLC series "Take Home Chef".

When it was our turn to meet Curtis we asked him if he could do some Korean Food on his show. He said he would but.......sadly the show ended a few months later.

The evening was a lot of fun and Curtis told some very funny stories about how he got into cooking and how he found out TLC wanted him to do a show for them.

He said when they called he hung up on them thinking it was his best mate playing a trick on him and that he couldn't believe that they were going to pay him to go to grocery stores and pick up women!

I have two cookbooks by Curtis, my favorite is "Relaxed Cooking with Curtis" and...

He even signed one of my cookbooks, which I'm very proud of! (even though he almost mis-spelled my name)

I love the topping of baby spinach and carrot shavings on this, it reminds me of the Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich which is a favorite of mine!

We grilled two tenderloin steaks to a nice medium rare and they just melted in your mouth.

These are ready to go under the broiler to melt all that cheese and to crisp up the bread. We used a nice sourdough baguette and it was a perfect choice.

Recipe Review ~ I am definitely going to make this sandwich again. It has so many wonderful flavors going on!

Jim kept saying "this is a keeper" while he was eating it!

All the boys both loved it, Ty was even late back to college because he didn't want to miss this dinner.

Miss Bay loved the sandwich but wasn't too keen on the veggies. She's a carnivore though so I expected that.

Look for more recipes by Curtis from me in the near future!

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  1. Love the pictures of you and Bailey! This sandwich looks so tasty! Maybe you could cater my evening meals!?


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