Saturday, March 19, 2011

German Meatballs

I'm part German!  I had no idea!  My cousin Marshall's son Joey has 
been doing a lot of research on the family and he found out that on 
my Grandfather Cecil's side (his grandmother was Louisa 
Funderburk) we were related to a guy named Adolph von der Burg.   
Adolph was the father of three brothers one of which was Johan......
who was next in line for the crown.  

Who knew?  Cool, huh?

Anyway, I want to do more research and talk to Joey but in the mean 
time I decided to look into German cuisine.   I've never really tried 
cooking much German food but I love foods of all cultures so....why 

We all loved these meatballs, the nutmeg gives them a unique flavor 
and I was surprised at how easy they were to prepare.  No need to fry 
or bake the meatballs as you just stick them in the broth to cook 
them.  It couldn't be easier and it looks really impressive on a platter!

Here is a link to the recipe.  

I knew that I had an English, French and Cherokee background but 
I had no clue there was some German thrown in there too.......and 
royalty at that!   Pretty cool!


  1. Willkommen!
    Well, there you go. I am 100 percent German and love it. If you are up for more German style food just check out my blog.
    I bake my German style meatballs in the oven, it just adds more flavor. Yes, nutmeg is a must, that's why they are traditionally (at least in my family) served with leek in a white sauce that contains nutmeg. One of my favorite dishes.

  2. That's awesome! I just checked out some of your German recipes. They are great. I'll have to try some or ALL of them! If I use one I'll link it back to you ok? Thanks!!

  3. Wonderful recipe..what fun to explore your heritage and then dabble in different cuisines!

    Now, since you're part German, you will have to find a luscious recipe for Zuckerkuchen...German Sugar Cake!

    Had it ages ago at an engagement party given by German friends..trays of it; it was so sinfully yummy!

    Enjoy the evening!

  4. Hi Mika,
    Sure, I would be honored. I hope you will find some recipes you like to cook.
    Liebe Gruesse

  5. I am following you on google connect from "Boost My Blog Friday"! Cute blog;-)

    Jeanette Huston

  6. It's just like "Who Do You Think You Are?" - always fun to find out about ancestors! Nutmeg would be essential to add that depth of flavor (not to mention tasty)!

  7. OOOOHH--German pastries!! You'll have to experiment with those wonderful sweets!!

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    Love the amazing recipes & pictures!
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  9. Congratulations your majesty, lol! I found out that we were decended from royal blood too a while back when my sister did a project on the family tree. Welcome to the club, teehee!

    I'm a new follower from the Mingle Monday blog hop and I can't wait to see what else you have here! Yum!!! Please hop on over to my site too when you get the chance: Thanks!

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  12. My kids love meatballs so I'm always looking for variations on our weekly "spaghetti and meatballs"... this looks like a nice change!

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  15. Yum yum yum! I could certainly go for some of these right about now :)

  16. Wow, these look really good! I will have to try them! Can I just say that I am completely in love with your blog! So adorable! I am your newest follower from FMBT. You can find me at:

    Have a great day! :-)


  17. Someone else posted a German meatball recipe today too! It looks wonderful!

    Marcy @ Life's Gristle

  18. I love any kind of meatballs. I'll have to make these soon!

  19. They certainly look and sound wonderful!

  20. Hi Mika, I'm not a fan of meatballs but I have to say your picture and recipe sounds delicious. I might just have to try it!

  21. That looks absolutely scrumptous!

    Thanks for the following -- happily following back!


  22. Following you back from the hop and can I just say YOUR blog is making ME hungry! It's dangerous to let a pregnant woman see all these yummies...I think I want meatballs for dinner tonight, lol!

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  25. yum! Looks delish!!! I will have to try these!


  26. how do you say yummy in German? giggle, Hugs!

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  28. YUM! They sound very similar to the Swedish Meatballs my Swedish great-grandmother used to make...I'll have to try this recipe! :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog - I'm following you now, too! Looking forward to exploring your blog in more depth! :)

    Aloha: Swimsuit Shopping

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  32. Hi Mika! Thank you for the follow - I am your newest follower...and German! If you need to trace those roots I found tons of info about my german family on the Church of Latter Days Saints family tree site. Seems the german families kept great records in their bibles! (The church of the Latter Day Saints is the one who keeps those records organized I think.) ...I look forward to your recipes!

    Karen Andrews

  33. This recipe looks deeelish! I'm a bit of a heinz 57 myself..German, Scottish, Irish, French, Welsh and thanks to my grandmother, I found out there was a Duke in my line of ansestors, somewhere. Hehe, well it's kind of fun to learn about past history and where we all came from.

    Great blog, love the header...a cupcake in one hand, a glass of wine in the other, much like I cook. ;) Following you back from the hop; thanks for the follow!

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