Sunday, March 13, 2011

Korean Keema Breakfast Burritos

After we made Nigella's Korean Keema the other day, Jim and I 
decided we had to try it in a breakfast burrito for a little Korean/
Mexican fusion action.  We both love savory foods for breakfast 
and are always ready to find a new flavor combination to wake up 
our palate!  No pun intended......... ;)

I made up another batch of the Keema minus the peas and 
layered it with scrambled eggs and pepper jack cheese.  I 
meant to add some cilantro but I forgot.....darn!!  I love 
cilantro!  Jim rolled them up for me and we grilled them for 
a minute to add a nice crispy texture to the tortilla.

We will definitely have these again soon!  The heat from the 
gochujang paste went great with the eggs and the creaminess of 
the jack cheese.  You could use this meat mixture in so many 
things....tacos, in little biscuit cups, or even on pizza.  Pizza.....
now there's and idea.  I'm gonna have to try that! 


  1. Fun fusion! The burritos sound awesome - love the idea of grilling them!

  2. Mmm, looks yummy! Thanks for a great breakfast idea!

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  7. New Follower. I have Nigella's Cookbook but have been a little overwhelmed to try as I am a newbie cook. Happy to follow you along and see how things go before I try them!

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  8. Yum that looks so yummy.

    New follower from Turesday train..Hope you can follow back..


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