Sunday, August 14, 2011

Soyrizo Breakfast Burritos

There are so many great recipes out there that have Chorizo as an ingredient.  
I was so sad because I couldn't use Chorizo because of it's high fat content.  
I know there are lots of people that have to eat a low fat diet for health reasons 
and I'm one of them.  That's why I'm so excited about Soyrizo!  I'm probably 
the last person on the planet to hear about this stuff but I'm definitely on the 
bandwagon now!

Soyrizo is made of 100% soybeans but has all the same spices and seasonings
as traditional Chorizo and it tastes amazing!  I did have to make a few phone 
calls and drive halfway across town to find it but it was worth it.  I bought 
three packages but now wish I had bought even more.  I've got all kinds of 
recipes I've been dying to try and now I can.  woo hoo!
I was so excited to try it that I made some breakfast burritos this morning and they
were absolutely yummy!  I took the Soyrizo out of the casing, cooked it and got a 
good color on it.  Then I soft scrambed some eggs, after that the rest was easy.  
I put a small amount of sour cream down on the tortilla and topped it with Soyrizo, 
eggs, cheese, salsa verde and some red chilies.  I ate one and saved one to take to 
work tomorrow for breakfast.  That's one way to make a Monday morning exciting.


  1. I've never heard of Soyrizo! Your breakfast looks amazing...

  2. I have used this once before in a soup, it was delicious!

    Ditto on the low fat diet . . . I'm always tweaking recipes to cut the fat.


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