Saturday, October 1, 2011

Carrot Cake with Walnuts and Cream Cheese Frosting

Yesterday was my husband Jim's birthday.  For his cake I decided 
to make this Carrot Cake from Falling Cloudberries by Tessa Kiros.  
If you remember,I made cupcakes out of it last year for Jim's 
birthday.  What can I say, why mess with a good thing? Right?

Click here for the recipe.

I do have another reason for making this cake.  I recently joined the 
"I heart Cooking Clubs" website and they just started a new chef for 
the next 6 months.  You guessed it....Tessa Kiros.  I adore Tessa and 
her beautiful cookbooks.  I've made a few of her dishes in the past, 
but I'm really excited to get to dive into her recipes in depth.  So far, 
my favorites have been the Swedish MeatballsBanana Bread and of 
course the Carrot Cake.  

Tessa's cake is so easy to make and fun to put together whether you 
are doing cupcakes, sheet cake or a bundt like I did.  If you haven't 
heard of Tessa or looked at her gorgeous my friend 
are in for a treat!  Bornto a Finnish mother and a Greek-Cypriot 
father she has had a diverse up-bringing and it definitely shows 
in her cooking.  Her recipes range from Finnish, Greek, Italian, 
Cyprusian to South African.  

If your curious about Tessa, stay tuned.  I'll be making quite a 
few of her recipesin the next few months.....or better yet, come 
on over to IHCC and join us!


  1. Such a lovely choice...this cake sounds wonderful. I'm sure it'll be another one for me to add to my long list of Tessa recipes I already want to try. :D

  2. I made carrot cake last week as well...need to try this one soon so that I can compare. I love how you made it into a bundt and the way you frosted it is so pretty! This is going to be a good six months!

  3. Beautiful carrot bundt! What a lucky hubby, bet he loved it. So glad you are cooking with us!

  4. So glad to have you cooking with us at IHCC! I love the way you decorated the carrot cake with the reserved carrot and walnuts on top - so pretty. It's certainly a testament to the recipe that you've made it before and are making it again.

    Looking forward to seeing what else you cook up.

  5. Welcome to IHCC--it's a pleasure to have you cooking along with us. Such a festive and pretty cake--carrot cake is one of my favorites. ;-)

  6. Gorgeous looking cake - definitely one I need to try - maybe a special treat for my partner who adores carrot cake.
    Sue :-)

  7. This is one I marked to try. The Swedish Meatballs too. Good to know they are favorites for you.

  8. I love Carrot Cake. Will have to try the recipe!

  9. Welcome to IHCC-this is a great group and I;m thrilled you are cooking along with us.The carrot cake looks wonderful! Carrot cake is a long-time favorite in my family and now I'm excited to have a new recipe to try out.


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