Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun Dough from Apples for Jam

This week at IHCC the Tessa Kiros theme is "potluck".  Well,
I took that to mean we could do anything.....anything at all.  
I chose to make the Fun Dough in Apples for Jam.  I had so
much fun.....errr.... I mean Bay had so much fun playing and
making the dough.  She wanted to make it blue.  My daughter
hates, and I mean HATES pink, so that was not an option.  

Fun Dough

1 cup flour
1 cup fine salt
a few drops of food coloring (we used quite a bit)
5 tablespoons water (ours took more like 7-8 tablespoons)

Put flour and salt into a bowl and mix together with your hands.  
Add food coloring and water and knead to distribute the color.
Add more water or food coloring until a you get a good 

After playing and making shapes  you can either let it air dry,
bake at 200 for 30 to 40 minutes or put it in a plastic bag to play 
with another day.  (If it gets a little dry, just add a splash more water)

Bay even got our Papillon puppy "Bindi" involved!  I'm not
sure how much she enjoyed herself.  She tried to eat the dough
and got a tongue full of salt.  We did get a cool paw print out
of it though!

The best part besides all the fun is that you can put it in
the fridge and play with it again tomorrow.  Just knead
it back together and (add a little water if it's getting dry)
and zip it up in a plastic sandwich bag.  

Hmmm....I think I'll make some pink dough tomorrow
just to see what Bay will say.  ;)   I know..........I'm so mean!  


  1. Great idea for potluck! The picture with your dog makes me laugh. Why not get everyone involved?!

  2. So fun! I have this one marked to make with my kiddos, as well. I know they'll love it :D

  3. What a neat time and a great idea. Your daughter looks like she is having fun :-)

  4. Such a great the photos!

  5. This looks like a fun recipe to make. I think it looks like Bindi enjoyed it too. ;-)

  6. I love these fun projects to do with the kids, especially if it keeps them busy and cooperative while I cook. Especially love the picture of the dog joining in. Too cute!

    P.S. I have Gwyneth's new book too. So far I made the teriyaki salmon and really enjoyed it.

  7. I remember making this kind of dough back in the day. What fun! I'm so glad you are bringing it back. ☺

  8. What fun! and I love Bindi's contribution the most!

  9. Great idea for a pot luck project, and glad your daughter had so much fun :-)


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