Friday, October 21, 2011

Taco Rice Bowls


   ~No Recipe Required~

This is one of my all time comfort foods. It's like nachos
over rice. So easy but so good! I usually make jasmine rice
in my rice cooker and taco meat using my homemade
taco seasoning mix with a bottle of dark amber bock beer
instead of water to add flavor.  Then you just add anything
you like....

This time I set out shredded sharp cheddar, black beans,
salsa, guacamole, lemon wedges, sour cream, green
onions, cilantro and black olives.  I also had some cute
orange and black "Halloween" tortilla chips on the side.
Just put the rice and meat in your bowl then pile on the
toppings!  I like to put cheese on mine then microwave
it for a few seconds to melt the cheese then continue
with the other toppings.

I think my daughter Bay and I could eat this dinner every
night of the week.  It's great for picky eaters since they
can add any or not add anything they like. It would be a
fantastic meal for Halloween night It's fun, easy and fast
not to mention.....absolutely delicious!


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