Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Korean Soy Bean Sprout Bap (KongNaMul Bap)

When we go to B-Won our favorite Korean restaurant one of the side dishes that we love are the soybean sprouts or KongNaMul Muchim.   This recipe uses the soybean sprouts in a main dish.  The fun thing about this recipe is that it’s all cooked in your rice cooker!  With the gochugaru based sauce mixed in after cooking you get an amazing fast Korean dinner!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Slow Cooker Korean Spicy Chicken Stew (Dak Bokkeum Tang)

As most of you know my daughter Bay was adopted from South Korean in 2000.  Well, since that time 
Korean food has become one of my passions.  Both eating and cooking it.  I've put a few of my recipes on
my blog like bulgogi, chapchae, kimchi pancakes, kimbap, and dak bulgogi.  Lately I've been trying to expand my Korean cooking skills even more.

One of my favorite stews at our local Korean restaurant is the Kimchi Chigae, it's spicy and filled with kimchi, tofu and pork.  This is a similar dish but filled with chicken and vegetables.  It's spicy, although I toned down the gochugaru powder to only 1 tablespoon so it wouldn't be to hot for my daughter. I personally love to have it so spicy that tears are rolling down my face! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Visions of Sugarplums ~ Day One ~ Chicken Pozole Verde

Hi, and welcome to the first day of "Visions of Sugarplums"!  
Join us all week long for wonderful recipes, paper crafts,
family traditions and even some giveaways!  Be sure to
follow the links below to visit my friends who are also

New Mexico holds a special place in my heart.  My
husband Jim and I were married in December of
1989 and Santa Fe was our honeymoon destination. 
We have since gone back on our 20 thAnniversary
and just can’t get enough of the fairytale atmosphere
surrounding the Square this time of year.  It must have
something to do with how romantic it is with the
scent of pinon wood, the big snowflakes,  the
beautiful churches and the streets lined with farolitos. 
The streets are aglow with the small sand-filled bags
lit within by votive candles. 

One of my favorite New Mexican traditions is
to have Pozole on Christmas Eve.  Pozole is a
spicy corn stew that is known as the ceremonial
dish for celebrating life’s blessings.  New Mexicans
have been enjoying pozole for centuries.  There
are many variations; some make it with chicken
rather than pork.  While pozole in Southern New
Mexico is always made with red chile, it’s not
uncommon to find northern pozole made with
green chile.

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