Monday, September 24, 2012

State Fair Inspired Homemade Corn Dogs

Sunday was the last day of the State Fair here in Oklahoma and being that it was a beautiful day we all piled in the car and went.  We walked around a bit before deciding what calorie laden treats we wanted.  Isn't there something about the Fair that just makes you feel like a kid again?  The sights, sounds and smells....amazing!  I love it and especially the food!   The one thing I always get every year is the Dan's Famous Indian Taco.  Unless you make one at home like my Indian Taco with Cheddar-Jalapeno Waffles they are hard to find in a restaurant.  Jim always gets a pork sandwich (boring but good), roasted corn and a nutty bar.  I wanted a corn dog all day but didn't end up getting one.  I whined about it on the way home and Jim said....let's just make some for dinner.  Brilliant!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Easy Tom Kha Kai Soup and some Fall Knitting

My son Tyler is home from Oklahoma State this weekend and somehow it just ended up being the two of us for lunch today.  I have been eyeing this recipe for some time over at and decided today (the first day of Fall) was the day to try it.  As he does every weekend Ty was skyping with his friend Kari who is 1/2 Thai and  telling her we were having a Thai Coconut Soup.  She texted back......TOM KHA KAI!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL! is our Easy Tom Kha Kai Soup.  I can't tell you how flavorful yet easy this soup is.  This one's for you Kari!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chocolate "Skillet" Cake

Monday is my son Tanner's 19th birthday!  I seriously can not believe he is already 19!  Here is a picture of the two of us at his high school graduation a couple of years ago.   He is a  now sophomore at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater and doing great.  I'm a very proud mom!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Asiago Cheese Bread Boats with Pesto and Bacon

Awhile back our friends Kevin and Jennifer came to spend the weekend with us.  I love when they visit and I always try to think of something extra special for breakfast.  This gorgeous bread boat that I found on Pinterest (but tweaked into my own recipe) was delicious and definitely company worthy!  

Luckly I have a Panera Bread not too far away because I adore their breads and their little asiago cheese demi was perfect for this.  I was tempted to try the regular sized loaf but I'm glad I resisted the urge. Once cut into pieces the size is a perfect serving for breakfast.  I served it with my Stain Glass Fruit Salad and it paired together wonderfully!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Korean Tuna Tetrazzini

The other day I wanted to make some comfort food and was craving 
tuna so I decided to make an old fashioned tuna casserole.  I haven't
had one in years!  Then I remembered that I had 3 cans of DongWon 
spicy Korean tuna in the pantry.  If you haven't tried tuna in kimchi 
sauce let me tell you that it's fantastic!  It has such a great depth of 
flavor, it's a little spicy and the tuna is in nice big meaty chunks.  I 
keep it on hand for making kimbap, the Korean version of sushi.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Korean Bulgogi Burgers

As most of you know, our family is a Korean/American
family.  Our daughter was adopted from S. Korea in 2000. 
Korean cooking has been sort of a passion of mine since
that time.  I ran across this recipe and knew I wanted to try
it.  It's similar to my Korean open faced hamburgers but
more like a traditional burger with a Asian twist.

I was tempted to forgo the radish for kimchi but I'm glad I
didn't.  It added a nice crunch and nothing masked the
wonderful flavors in the meat.  I did add the sriracha mayo
to make it my own and it was just the right touch!  I did
have to keep my husband out of it though.  He kept
dipping the fries in the sauce and mumbling how good it

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Perfect Soft Boiled Egg

I have been trying to make a perfect egg my whole life.  I've tried 
poaching, frying and even baking.  I've finally found a fool proof 
method of making a perfect egg.  Soft boiling....   but there are as 
many different methods as there are people.  Everyone has there 
own method.  I even tweeted Donal Skehan (the amazing Irish chef) 
and here is his method.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guest Blogging at Just Wedeminute!

I'm guest blogging over at Just Wedeminute today!  Head on over there 
and check out my recipe for Birthday Cake Crispy Rice Treats and check 
out Jennifer's beautiful blog!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Baked Oatmeal To-Go !

My husband Jim and I work at the same place.  We actually met at the Art and Engineering Supply store    where we work in 1985.  I love working with my husband!  We work in different departments though..I'm in the office and Jim is the Reprographics Manager doing all kinds of blueline/copy type of stuff.

Every Monday morning we head upstairs to our little kitchen at work and fill it to the brim with all kinds of groceries for the week.  I'm not sure how our fellow workers feel about us taking up so much of the fridge but we hardly ever go out to eat.  Lately we are trying to eat healthier so no more frozen dinners or heavy leftovers.  We are having lots of fruits and sandwiches on whole wheat bread.  

Breakfast has always been the hardest to eat healthy at work.  We have run the gamut of the not so healthy .....from Cereal bars, poptarts, muffins, even cold pizza.  Well......I've finally found the answer!  Healthy, convenient and delicious too! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birthday Cake Batter Crispy Rice Treats

March is a big birthday month for our family, my daughter Bay
and I have a birthday 3 days apart!   Next Friday Bay is having a
sleepover for hers and I'm planning on serving these yummy treats to 
all the girls.  I thought I had better try out the recipe this weekend just to 
make sure it was good.  You know I HAD to make sure.  I couldn't
take that chance that they might not be good.  Maybe that's why I 
kept going back for another one.... just to make sure mind you.....  

Birthday Cake Batter Crispy Rice Treats

3 Tbsp. butter
1 (10 oz) bag regular size marshmallows
1/4 cup dry cake mix
6 cups crispy rice cereal
1 (1.75 oz) container of sprinkles

Melt butter in a dutch oven over low heat and add marshmallows.  Stir until 
melted and add in dry cake mix and stir until combined.  Stir in cereal and mix 
thoroughly.  Pour in 1/2 the bottle of sprinkles and continue mixing.  
Using a spatula coated with non-stick cooking spray, press batter into a baking 
dish.  Top with the remaining sprinkles.  Let sit for a few minutes to firm up a bit.  

Well the verdict around our house is that they are even better that the
original treats and much cuter, if I do say so myself.  Come on and 
join the cake batter craze!  It's yummilicious!


Friday, March 16, 2012

Creamy Chicken and Broccoli Pot Pie

Is there anything more comforting than a creamy chicken
pot pie with cheese and broccoli in a light crispy crust?  I 
think not!    

Jim bought me the Breville Pie maker from Williams-Sonoma
for Christmas a few months ago.  About time.......I've been
dropping hints about for at least a year.  I have to admit
that I did wonder if it would end up gathering dust in my
pantry like so many other specialty appliances that I just
had to have.  Surprisingly, it hasn't. 

I'm not getting paid or anything to brag about the Breville
Pie maker or anything.  I just love how fast and easy you
can make a nice dinner or dessert with it.  These adorable
little pies take only about 10 minutes in the machine and
come out perfect every time.  I like to make homemade
fillings even on weeknights but I do usually use pre-made
pie crusts.  I love pre-made pie crusts......they make my
life easy.  I like easy!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jeweled Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts are one of my family's most asked for side
dishes especially in the Summer time.  Sprouts go so well
with grilled meats and are so easy to prepare.  This recipe
is especially amazing because of the savory pieces of
bacon and the beautiful jeweled craisins throughout.  If
you are a Brussels Sprout hater envisioning the boiled
version your mom made, get ready for treat!  

Brussels Sprouts first came to America in the 18th Century
when French Settlers brought them to Louisiana.  Thomas
Jefferson even grew them at Monticello!  Not only do they
have a rich history but they are also very good for you!
They contain sulforaphane a chemical that has potent anti-
cancer compounds.  Good for you and yummy too....
can't beat that!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Buffalo Chicken and Potatoes with Blue Cheese Crumbles

If you are looking for a new casserole with tons of flavor,
this is it!  I ran across this recipe on the Betty Crocker 
website and immediately knew I had to try it.  It's
guaranteed to blow everyone's socks off! The best part
is that it's so fast and easy to prepare.  I took the liberty
of changing a couple of things to make it my own.   I had
some blue cheese crumbles in the fridge and added those
to the potato mixture.  I also chopped my chicken instead
of leaving it in strips....easier to eat you know.  The other
thing I did was to use panko instead of the cornflakes the
recipe calls for.  They worked great and the blue cheese
crumbles really gave you that tangy punch of yummy blue 
cheese flavor which I love!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Easy Weeknight Taco Stuffed Peppers

I'm always trying to come up with good weeknight dinners
that are both fast and easy.  My family loves this one.  Jim
says it reminds him of a sheperds pie in a green pepper. 
Pre-made mashed potatoes are the key to making it super

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Easy Apple Danish

I'm not much of a donut fan but I love danishes!  Here is a
super simple shortcut to a delicious apple danish. I first
saw these little babies over at The Country Cook and  knew
I had to try them over the Christmas break.  My family
loved them!  You can use any flavor of pie filling.  I'm trying
cherry next time!  

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