Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chicken Quesadilla Pie

Jim and I love to antique shop!  One Saturday last month we were out and stumbled on the cutest little smoker.  We got quite the deal on it....you can see why.  lol!  It had definitely seen it's better days but there was just something about it.  I told Jim that we had to get it and bring it back to life. Well, I think he did a great job and we have been smoking meat like crazy ever since!  Fast forward to last weekend and we smoked two batches of chicken to use and freeze.  There is something about the subtle smokey flavor that just enhances any recipe and makes it so much better.  I froze quite a bit to use in my smoked chicken pizzas and used 3 cups of it in my Chicken Quesadilla Pie.  

Here is the our smoker!  Isn't it cute? 

This is such a fast and easy recipe.  The first time I made it was actually a snow day and I was running late getting dinner on the table.  It came together so quickly and is so yummy topped wth sour cream and salsa!  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pretzel Crusted Chicken Medallions with Curried Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Jim and I were having a slow Sunday morning on this cold Oklahoma day.  While lounging by the fire we were watching Giada De Laurentiis make her version of pretzel crusted chicken with a curried ketchup dipping sauce.   We had no plans for lunch, had everything on hand and love to cook together so.....  off we went to the kitchen to whip up these bad boys our way!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kimchi Spaghetti with Mushrooms and Bacon

Bailey's best friend Emily spent the night with us last night.  We all feel like Emily is part of the family so whenever she comes over I try to make her favorite breakfast...crepes with lingonberry preserves.  She was really happy I did because she ate FOUR huge crepes!  For such a tiny little thing she sure eats like a sailor!  

Emily ended up staying longer so she could eat dinner with us too.  Since she's not a huge fan of spicy food I was a little worried if she would like my new Korean spaghetti dish.  She's eaten Korean at our house plenty of times so I had my fingers crossed.  Well, I needn't have worried!  She loved it and got seconds...in fact we all did!

Friday, February 20, 2015

"Miryang" Style Rice Cake Soup and Nagyeom

Over the years we have hosted 5 foreign echange students.....all from Korea.  Well, this year we will be hosting our 6th!  Nagyeom is the same age as Bailey and will be here sometime in August.  I've been trying out all kinds of new Korean recipes to make her feel at home while she's here.  She is from Miryang, South Korea and when I found this recipe for Miryang style rice cake soup over on Beyond Kimchee's blog I was so excited to try it!  You can find the recipe there.......

This is Nagyeom!  My new daughter for a year! Isn't she adorable?

Easy Dolsot Bibimbap and Garth!

I love Korean food!  Ever since the adoption of our daughter from S. Korea in 2000 I have been mastering my Korean cooking skills.  It's a total passion of mine!   I can now put this dolsot bibimbap on the list of winners!  To make it really easy I made the bulgogi out of hamburger meat. I also made it easy by only using two vegetables..carrots and spinach.  The best part in my opinion is the killer homemade bibimbap sauce! I eat it on EVERYTHING! It's amazing and sure beats the bottled stuff!  

I also picked up some authentic Korean earthenware pots one weekend while visiting our bff's in Broken Arrow.  We spent the weekend with them and went to a Garth Brooks concert.......which was absolutely amazing by the way!   The pots when heated up give the rice a nice browned crunchy texture if you are patient enough not to disturb it for a bit.  I seriously think it's Jim's favorite part! This rice at the bottom of the bowl actually has a name in Korea.  It's called Nurungji or crispy rice. They even make tea out of it!  

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