Friday, February 20, 2015

"Miryang" Style Rice Cake Soup and Nagyeom

Over the years we have hosted 5 foreign echange students.....all from Korea.  Well, this year we will be hosting our 6th!  Nagyeom is the same age as Bailey and will be here sometime in August.  I've been trying out all kinds of new Korean recipes to make her feel at home while she's here.  She is from Miryang, South Korea and when I found this recipe for Miryang style rice cake soup over on Beyond Kimchee's blog I was so excited to try it!  You can find the recipe there.......

This is Nagyeom!  My new daughter for a year! Isn't she adorable?

The soup is so easy to make and absolutely yummy!  Bailey told me that I have got to make this soup a lot!  lol!   She loved it!  Two things I will warn you about though.......both the soy sauce (for soup) and the anchovy sauce are VERY salty!  Beware and use sparingly!  

It's been really nice to know who our student will be so far in advance. We are using this time to get to know Nagyeom before she actually arrives.  I've been using the Hello Chat app to talk to her.  It converts Korean to English and vise versa.   I can't wait until she gets here! She's like a daughter to me already!


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