About Me

I'm a working mom with a wonderful husband and 3 fabulous kids.  Jim and I have two bio boys, Tyler 22, and Tanner 20 who will both be going to Oklahoma State University in the Fall.  We are all big O-State fans!  Go Pokes! 

Our daugher Bay was adopted from South Korea when she was only 4 months old.  We love Korea and went there on a birthland tour for two weeks in the summer of 2007.  We have also had a few foreign exchange students from Korea to learn more about our daughter's culture.  In doing so we found our oldest "daughter".  We grew to love Yejoo during her year with us and still keep in close contact with her and even visited her parents house while we were in Seoul. 

My passions are cooking, cookbooks, Korean Dramas, Bi Rain, Alfie Boe, Ramin Karimloo, Hadley Fraser,West End Musicals, learning Cherokee, reading, knitting, my Papillon puppy and being outdoors.  My favorite cookbooks are anything by Nigella, Jamie O, or Tessa Kiros.  Nothing thrills me more than getting a long awaited cookbook and finally getting to devour every beautiful page. 

I do my blog for fun, but I also do it because I couldn't find recipes for my specific health problems.  I have a hiatal hernia and gerd and because of this I have to eat a low fat and tomato free diet.  I would like to show other people with the same problem that you can still cook good food just with some slight tweaking here and there.  I hope you can enjoy my blog and find some recipes to love...............that would make me really happy. 

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